GAME responds to spate of MGS5, Mario Maker and Fallout 4 pre-order problems

It’s been a couple of rough months for GAME customers, to say the least.

In June, the GAME-exclusive Batmobile Edition of Batman Arkham Knight was pulled from sales days before release. The retailer reimbursed affected gamers with a 20 voucher in lieu of their missing purchase, blaming unforeseen circumstances that greatly compromised the quality of the Batmobile” included with the 170 SKU.

Then, at the start of September, GAME customers suddenly found their Metal Gear Solid V pre-orders cancelled, with others saying they had been incorrectly charged for the Collector’s Edition of the title (which was, like Batman, also exclusive to the retailer).

The woes continued just a week later, with Wii U owners being accidentally charged up to hundreds of pounds for copies of Super Mario Maker. As with the Metal Gear Solid V troubles, fingers were pointed at payment issues.

Of course, November kicked off with another high-profile pre-order gaffe, after customers were told that their orders for the 100 Pip-Boy Edition of Fallout 4 had been cancelled. GAME reassured customers that their orders were safe, but even today (November 10th), on launch day, Twitter is filled with reports of missing orders and incorrect charges.

GAME has now issued a statement to MCV in response to the series of continuing troubles.

This year alone, GAME has received hundreds of thousands of pre-orders,” it reads.

Of those customers placing a pre-order with us, only a small amount have experienced any issues and in most instances that has been a result of matters that are out of our control such as insufficient funds or payment provider issues.

In all instances however, we have made sure that they have been kept informed with the status of their order and any issues have been flagged directly with them.

Dealing with our customers is our number one priority and we make sure that they are kept informed with the status of their order.

We know that our community will have been waiting for their pre-orders for a long time and so it is no surprise that they become vocal on social media.

While the circumstances are often out of GAME’s control, we are very sorry for any inconvenience caused when shopping with us.”

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