Gamedev Fund is now open to applications from indie game developers in the EU

Gamedev Fund is now accepting applications for funding from developers over in the EU. 

The early-stage investment fund primarily puts its money into the development of PC and console games, and also intends to put developers in touch with an ever-expanding pool of mentors that can and will share their sage advice on how to successfully develop and launch game software.

“Gamedev Fund is a result of game industry veterans’ wish to give back to the community. What we’ve noticed is that after many years of experience in the industry, you start having this intrinsic drive to share your knowledge and help others to succeed,” said Vytautas Dobilas, the co-founder of Gamedev Fund. 

“We can relate to game developers, we understand their needs and how it feels to be in a founder’s shoes. We know how challenging it is to acquire funding for your indie game, that is why we came together and collected the funds to support so many teams out there looking to ship their games”

If your game development project meets the criteria and you’ve got a demo on hand, you can get in touch with Gamedev Fund to enquire about funding over on their website.

The Gamedev Fund team is also looking to expand its network of mentors, fellow VCs, and publishers. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, you should get in touch with them.

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