German PS4 Share Play users can only link to other Germans

PS4 owners in Germany have discovered that their Share Play experience on PS4 is more restricted than in other territories.

Videogamer reports that when in Germany Share Play can only be instigated with other German players. Those using the service to access a PEGI 16+ rated title are also required to input a German ID number before they are permitted to connect.

Although it has not been confirmed, the restriction is likely due to Germany’s unusually strict content and censorship laws. Authorities may be concerned that gamers would be able to bypass regional restrictions by playing content from other countries.

Share Play was introduced as part of Sony’s recent 2.0 PS4 firmware update, which itself has caused a swathe of usability problems for the machine – which have still gone unresolved for many owners.

It has also been revealed that users will not be able to stream games from friend’s machines that are not available to buy digitally on the PSN store in their own region. Guests must also be old enough to play any streamed title.

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