Global Top Round announces the 2022 selections for its accelerator program

Global Top Round has announced the next 10 successful applicants for its 2022 accelerator program after its conference last week in Lulea, Sweden.

The game studios will be provided with a development venture fund of $40,000, and may see the chance to also receive a follow-up fund of $60,000 at a later date. GTR will also expand the network of these studios, introducing them to the games industry’s leading investors and publishers. 

The successful applicants and their game projects are as follows:

  • Mastodonte – Beat the Clock
  • Studio Chahut – Dog in the Machine
  • CinderCat Games – Glum
  • Melbot Studios – GodsTV
  • Studio 85 – Magicards: The Elemental Kingdoms
  • BLACKBOX Studios – Mecha Attack
  • Enchanted Works – Nomori
  • Digital Devotion Games – Project Tumble
  • Sager Entertainment Group LLC – Spectrum: Tactical Stealth Action
  • Pentakill Studios – The Occultist

If you’d like to find out more information on GTR’s accelerator portfolio companies and the games they develop, you can read up on that over on their official website.

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