Helen Burnill has announced CULT Games, a new publishing partner

A new games label has been announced by Helen Burnill.

Burnill has in the past been known for building blockbuster brands, and was the vice president of business development and marketing at Mediatonic (Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout) until just recently. 

The new label is called CULT Games, and intends to represent established games studios. It says it wants to ‘focus on building lasting communities‘ with bespoke ‘everything but the game solutions’ for things like platforms and marketing. 

It is already working with studio Brightrock Games on the upcoming sci-fi hospital management sim Galacticare, and with the indie team Witch Beam on an as yet unannounced title.

“CULT Games is the passion project of our lives. We want to work on games we are genuine fans of, with teams we can’t wait to spend time with, and throw everything we have at making their games a hit,” said Burnill.

There’s rightly a lot of talk of ‘developer first’ in the games industry – we’re about mutual love and respect. Respect for each other, respect for the players, respect for the people who are excited about the same things as us.”

“We’re an ambitious super indie label for ambitious super indie devs. We’re here to innovate and connect players and creators around the gaming experiences they love. Call it a label, call it a publisher, we call it a collective. We want everyone who cares about our games to feel like a part of this.”

If you’d like to learn more about CULT Games, you do that over on their website.

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