Introducing MCV Pacific

Here’s everything you need to know about MCV Pacific ahead of October’s launch.

What is MCV Pacific?
It’s a new wesbite and digital news service launched by Intent Media – the company behind the games industry’s leading trade media brand, MCV.

When does it launch?
October 3rd, 2011.

What’s the url? – if you go there now you’ll see the news being posted into the dedicated MCV Pacific stream on the main MCV website, but as of October 3rd it will be a completely separate entity.

What do I need to do to get involved?
Well, bookmark the page, of course, and keep reading. But, crucially, if you want to receive the essential News Digests and Newsflashes that will ensure you never miss an important story, email your name, job title, the name of your company, nature of business and where you’re based to There’s no spam, no promotion, it just means you’ll received the MCV Pacific editorial email services. Do it now!

Which territories will it cover?
Initially, mainly Australia and New Zealand. Post-launch the remit will expand to include Japan, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and more.

Who are the key people I need to know?
The editor is Leigh Harris. He previously established a strong reputation as a freelancer but is now onboard full time with MCV Pacific. His email address is

The sales and marketing manager is Guy Blomberg. Guy was a co-founder of the Australian Gamer website and more recently launched the Mana Bar video game-themed chain of cocktail bars. He can be reached at

Who’s it aimed at?
Everyone in the games business, really; from retailers to developers via format holders, publishers, media, trade bodies, analysts and service companies.

What sort of content will it offer?
At its heart will be a constant stream of news – updated every day. MCV Pacific will break stories from the region as they happen. It will talk to the people making the news and the people affected by it. There will also be in-depth interviews, product information, sales data, analysis, possibly the odd joke.

What is there apart from the website?
There will be a series of email services, including twice-weekly News Digests and hot-off-the-press Newsflashes when a really big story breaks. There are also plans to create some ‘magazine style’ downloadable content dedicated to key products, companies or events.

Who will read it?
You, hopefully. Plus a few more. It’s unrealistic for us to chuck projections around ahead of launch, but we can say that our headline goal is to become essential reading for everyone in the Pacific video games industry. And that’s quite a big number. There is no trade media dedicated to the region currently, and it’s our view that if we do this well, it should be hard to think of a reason why anyone wouldn’t want to read it.

It is also going to be a window on the region for the rest of the world – especially leading execs with international responsibilities. It is an opportunity for the Pacific games industry to not only talk to each other – but also to shout out to the rest of the world.

How much is it?
Free. Completely free. For everyone.

So how will it survive – maybe even make some money?
Through the advertising support of of publishers, distributors, service companies… anyone who wants to talk directly to the Pacific region retailers or wider industry, in fact. Or any company that wants to flag their local services up to the senior international readership. Did we mention Guy’s available at, or just phone him on +61 417 084 821.

What will the relationship be with the main MCV site?
MCV Pacific will have a constant presence on in the form of a branded link. MCV will also utilise content from the new site, and every time it does it will link across to the original story – driving traffic from around the world to MCV Pacific.

Why are you creating MCV Pacific?
To subvert the famous George Mallory quote: because it wasn’t there. The ANZ games market alone is worth an estimated A$2 billion. This is big business. The territories may be a long way from some companies’ head offices, but there’s no good reason why the region shouldn’t get the focus and professional trade media attention that it warrants – and will finally get, starting October 3rd.

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