Liliegren clarifies Wii virus statements

Following his seemingly harsh criticism of the Nintendo Wii earlier this week, former DICE boss and current head of Antic Entertainment Fredrik Liliegren has balanced his claim with some praise for Nintendo-s record-breaking machine.

Speaking to GamingUnion last week the acclaimed developer stated: Wii I would describe it as a virus that doesn’t stick. People have got to realise the Wii is a toy, not an entertainment-focused product.”

However, speaking on his blog Liliegren has now claimed: First off I believe the Wii is a phenomenal accomplishment and a great addition to the video game space. Nintendo did a very smart thing by staying away from the graphics arms race and created a product that was different and could stand out.

Given this design direction the Wii in my mind is more of a toy then a games machine, and I say millions of Wii Fit players agree with me! It’s a Toy that plays some pretty good video games, but the majority of users that has bought a Wii, I believe, would never consider buying a Xbox 360 or a PS3.Simply because I believe they would not be interested in that experience.

So I really meant no disrespect to Nintendo at all or the Wii. I just expressed the opinion that Wii will need a successor sooner rather then later as its newness and virus-spreading capabilities will soon run out. Just my two cents!”

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