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25 reasons to attend Develop Live

Develop Live is just days away – head over to www.develop-live.com to book your ticket.

The one-day conference will be held at The Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh, Scotland on Thursday, October 2nd.

Still on the fence about attending? Here’s 25 reason why you absolutely need to attend.

  1. It’s the first conference curated and organised by the team behind Develop magazine and its website.
  2. It packs 18 inspiring and informative sessions into a single day…
  3. …with 27 leading experts from across the games industry and beyond delivering the goodness.
  4. It includes lunch, morning coffee break and evening drinks – perfect networking opportunities to make new contacts and meet potential partners.
  5. Students go half price…
  6. … while indies – studios with less than 10 employees – get a third off…
  7. … and discounts are available for UKIE, TIGA and Scottish Games Network members. Email James.Batchelor@intentmedia.co.uk.
  8. British crime author Christopher Brookmyre will be talking about why more novelists should work with the games industry (and vice versa) following his experience with Bedlam.
  9. Amazon’s developer evangelist will decide which is better, Unity or HTML5, when it comes to making 2D games
  10. The BAFTA Scotland Panel will see UKIE’s Dr Jo Twist, Next Gen Skills Academy’s Gina Jackson and Tigerface Games’ Kate Ho will discuss diversity in the games industry
  11. Microsoft speaks to Scottish indies about how they set up their studios in this thriving development hub
  12. Revolution Software’s Noirin Carmody will reveal how crowdfunding and putting faith in fans revived the classic adventure series Broken Sword
  13. Virtual reality tips for developers focusing on how to keep players fully immersed, courtesy of Preloaded games designer Katie Goode
  14. Find out why you should stop making video games from Scottish Games Network founder Brian Baglow
  15. Don’t be the next Flappy Bird! Learn how to combat clones with Newcastle Univesity’s Dr Daithi Mac Sithigh and University of East Anglia’s Dr Tom Phillips breakdown of things developers should know about copyright
  16. Dr Romana Ramzan from Glasgow Caledonian University hosts a panel on user research methods and how they can help developers better understand their audience
  17. Cyberpsychologist Berni Good will teach devs how to apply psychology in video games, both in terms of monetisation and design
  18. Colin Urquhart, CEO of Dimensional Imaging, offers an insight into the future of mocap with a look at 4D facial performance capture
  19. DeltaDNA’s Chris Wright explains why players don’t spend money on free-to-play games – and how you can change this
  20. Advice on how to choose your career path in games development from indie James Parker and his puppet owl
  21. Indie Nicoll Hunt explains how to be a successful one-man studio
  22. Speech Graphics’ Dr Gregor Hofer will discuss the impact outsourcing can have on the quality of your facial capture
  23. Chunk’s interaction designer Graham Dobie will explain what studios need to take into account when developing cross-platform games
  24. Medical illustrator Cilein Kearns will demonstrate how video games are being used in the world of healthcare, from medical and surgen simulation to pain management for children
  25. Eden Morrison, sound designer and Abertay graduate, builds on his previous audio-focused microtalk in How Sound Should Sound: Round 2

Develop Live is just days away, and will take place at The Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh, Scotland on Thursday, October 2nd. You can find out more about the full programme here.

Tickets cost £149. As mentioned, discounts are available for UKIE/TIGA/SGN members, students and independent developers (those with less than 10 employees). To apply for a discount code, email James.Batchelor@intentmedia.co.uk, or head to www.develop-live.com to book your place.

Develop Live is supported by event partners OPM Response and Abertay University. To find out more about sponsorship opportunities, contact Alex.Boucher@intentmedia.co.uk or call him on 01992 535647.

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