Media Molecule headlines our Develop:Brighton issue

MCV’s July issue, distributed at Develop:Brighon next week, is out now!

In the run-up to Media Molecule’s keynote at the two-day conference, we had a chat with creative director Mark Healey and art director Kareem Ettouney about Dreams, over two months into the title’s early access release. The two directors look back at the road travelled so far and the changes Dreams has been through during its development, share what they’ve learnt and look at the path ahead and its challenges, from monetisation to VR. Click here to read it!

Over 3,000 members of the games industry will travel to Brighton for the Develop conference next week, but given they have such a lovely time there, why do so many of them still live elsewhere for the rest of the year? For our second regional spotlight, featured in this issue, we talk to a handful of the games businesses that call Brighton home, to see why the city is so much more than the seaside.

Elsewhere, we talk to Sharkmob’s CEO about being acquired by Tencent, from creative impact to tech support and business rationale.

We also celebrate PQube’s tenth anniversary – with an eclectic line-up of promising titles, 2019 looks to be its biggest year yet and three key titles are leading the charge: Cat Quest II, Kotodama and Kill la Kill.

Meanwhile, location-based operators are now the frontline of VR adoption. We speak to one such operator, Centre VR in Bournemouth, about its learnings from running VR games day-in, day-out on the south coast.

We also take a look behind the scenes at the development of Yooka-Laylee, as Playtonic has just announced its spin-off, The Impossible Lair. The team tells us about the challenges of building upon Banjo-Kazooie’s heritage and having 73,000 people looking out for everything you do.

The latest digital edition can be read here for free (and is embedded below) and here are the full contents of this month’s issue:


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