aims to encourage game creators to open up their sofa to fellow devs during industry festivals and events

Site offering free accommodation for devs passes Kickstarter goal

A new website aiming to solve the problem of affordable accommodation for developers has passed its crowdfunding goal. is best described as ‘Airbnb for devs’, with the emphasis put on allowing game makers to stay on the sofa or in the spare room of another dev during local festivals and events such as GDC.

Unlike Airbnb, however, the service and stay will be completely free.

To safeguard hosts and visitors alike, the website will require address and mobile phone number verification, plus options such as references and privacy controls.

The creators of the platform say that the website isn’t limited to use only during events, meaning it can also be used to find additional freelance workers for a project – or even just to swap game ideas.

“To help identify the special field the users are working in, we colour code them accordingly,” the website’s Kickstarter page explains.

“Instantly you will see if someone is working in – for example – marketing, sound design or is just simply an enthusiast who supports the cause.” was trialled in an alpha state during last year’s Ludicious festival in Switzerland, with the Kickstarter aimed at funding a full launch by hiring an extra programmer and achieve sustainability. A mobile app is also planned.

The project was originally seeking 10,000 CHF (£7,202) on Kickstarter, and at the time of writing has passed that total by an extra 124 CHF (£89). The campaign will close on March 31st.

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