Chrome browser games will now work as desktop apps with offline mode and local storage

Google releases Packaged Apps

Google has released its Packaged Apps to the public, making it possible for developers to put their Chrome Apps in the hands of comsumers for desktop and offline use.

Packaged Apps has been in developer preview mode for some time now, but the public release means app developers can take advantage of native hardware and inputs like USB devices.

Perhaps the biggest news for game developers is that it’s now possible to create a browser game that works in offline mode and stores save files locally.

To celebrate the new desktop feature Google has published a collection “For Your Desktop” on Chrome’s Web Store, including games like Spelunky, Cracking Sands Racing, and Tank Riders.

Desktop Chrome apps are accessed from an app launcher in the Windows taskbar and Google is working on desktop launchers for Mac and Linux users.

For more information, watch the video below and visit the Google developer blog.

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