T-Mobile gives Pokémon Go users free data in US

Mobile data used to play Pokmon Go will not count against the bills of American T-Mobile consumers.

The phone network has announced that it is giving its users who are playing the mobile smash hit free mobile data.

This is for a full year. Furthermore, T-Mobile is giving consumers some free Lyft rides to so that they can get to PokStops and gyms, free food and drink from fast food restaurant Wendy’s and 50 per cent off some accessories such as chargers and phone power packs.

Given that the game requires you to be using high accuracy GPRS, this can be a real drain on data. Whether any UK networks give users similar deals on data is yet to be seen.

This is what T-Mobile Tuesday is all about – thanking customers with hot, new, totally free gifts every week, and right now, nothing is hotter than Pokmon Go!” said T-Mobile boss, John Legere.

With the carriers’ shared data schemes, players could easily burn up the family’s data bucket – and then, hello, overages! At T-Mobile, we’re unleashing Pokmon Go so our customers can play free for a year. It’s gonna be a fantastic T-Mobile Tuesday.”

Pokmon Go launched in select regions on Thursday July 7th, before coming to Germany and the UK earlier this week.

Research firm App Annie says that the game has already made $1m, and has the potential to generate $1bn a year. Since its launch, it has added $17bn to Nintendo’s market value as the firm’s shares spiked 86 per cent.

One report already says it is the biggest mobile game in US history.

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