Namco Bandai unite US and Euro operations

Namco Bandai has united its Western teams in a bid to replicate its Japanese success across other markets.

The Tekken publisher has named Mark Tsuji as the company’s new overseas CEO. The Namco Bandai veteran will oversee the firm’s European and US operations.

The firm achieved a 24 per cent share of the Japanese software market during its last fiscal year.

We wanted to unite our overseas organisation under one leadership,” said Namco Bandai Games VP Carlson Choi (right).

That way we can have one united front as a Western organisation to better serve our consumer out here.

It is a continuation of our direction, where as a company the overseas business becomes even more critical.

Over the last year we have been beginning our transformation of the overseas business, making sure that we are not only bringing East to West content but also sub-developing and bringing content from the West that can propagate to the East.

In Japan for the fiscal year, Namco Bandai achieved 24 per cent market share. That shows impressive leadership. And we are asking: how do we transfer that leadership position across Europe and the States?”

The firm held its first joint-US and European media event in Las Vegas last week, where it unveiled the latest details of its upcoming blockbusters, which includes Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Dark Souls on PC and Star Trek.

We work as close as possible with our US team to ensure there is a global message and strategy. This is being proven with franchises such as Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Star Trek,” said UK marketing director Lee Kirton.

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