New Skyrim Script Extender to be released in March

The team behind Skyrim Script Extender has announced it is working on a new version of SKSE so that it’s compatible with the recently-released Skyrim: Special Edition.

Mods have become an integral part of the Skyrim experience and most of them are built on the popular SKSE. It has thus become an essential tool for modders, which was not compatible with Skyrim’s new remastered version.

Skyrim Special Edition has been released, and the original SKSE will not work with it,” the Skyrim Script Extender team said on its website. We are creating SKSE64 for the new 64-bit Special Edition. We appreciate your patience while work continues. Currently we estimate a mid-March time frame for a beta release of SKSE64.”

The team also released a video showing its progress (see below) in December.

Skyrim: Special Edition launched in October on PS4 (with mods and native 4K) and Xbox One, and as a free upgrade on Steam. This remastered version was officially announced at E3 last year, but the info leaked a few days before Bethesda’s conference.

The Special Edition debuted at No.2 in the UK Top 40 chart and ended up at No.12 in the Top 50 physical games of 2016.

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