Next Xbox due 2013… No, wait, 2012

Yes. More rumours. More rumours about the successor to the Xbox 360. And this time, 2012 is being pegged as the likely release date.

An Edge source” reckons that Ubisoft Montreal is currently working with target boxes” – PC kits thrown together in a way as to best resemble the planned architecture of the new console.

Several other developers, including certain EA studios, are said to be working off similar kits.

It adds that developer of the first generation of genuine dev kits running on custom hardware is due to roll out before the end of the year.

The conclusion? That a new Xbox will be with us by Q4 2012.

Furthermore, Edge claims that one major” Sony-owned studio has officially ceased PS3 development and is now focused on work on the first generation of PS4 titles. The same studio has also allegedly had a hand in the hardware’s development.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate the wheat from the chaff in regard to next generation console rumours.

Adding to Edge’s 2012 launch prediction we’ve been told that the new device will be unveiled as early as CES in January next year.

However, the biggest question mark hanging over a 2012 launch is twofold – Halo 4 and Grand Theft Auto V.

Master Chief’s next outing has been confirmed for Xbox 360. Would Microsoft really launch a new console at the same time as marketing a new Halo title for Xbox 360?

And while we’ve not had word about the supported formats for GTA V, from what we’ve seen so far it looks very much like a current-gen game. Would Rockstar release a new entry in its biggest franchise just as our current consoles become outdated?

MCV can’t talk for the validity of any of these rumours, but we can vouch for the story published last month on Develop that cited a 2012 release – a date that has been corroborated by CVG.

There are even some out there who believe we’ll be waiting until 2014.

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