Numskull Designs launches new trade portal website

Rubber Road, the parent company of gaming merchandise retailer Numskull Designs, has launched a new trade portal website to enable businesses “of all shapes and sizes” to stock Numskull’s products like t-shirts, mugs, keychains, pin badges, hats, wallets, bags, and Christmas sweaters.

The merchandising arm of Numskull creates official merchandise from gaming brands such as PlayStation, Xbox, Crash Bandicoot, Pac-Man, Spyro the Dragon, Fallout, Destiny, Resident Evil, Call of Duty, and Tomb Raider, and is stocked in a number of international outlets, including GAME, GameStop, EB Games, Tesco, Best Buy, and Target.

For more, including details on the full range of products, head on over to Rubber Road’s website.

Merchandiser Numskull Designs recently announced it is also expanding into video game publishing via its brand new venture, Numskull Games.

Describing itself as “flexible, fast-paced, and vastly experienced” with resources in sales, marketing, finance, and distribution, Numskull Games will be led by former Rising Star Games managing director and founder, Martin Defries, and promises to bring “a focus on releasing new, exciting games to major digital storefronts and retail, as well as bringing existing, successful digital-only titles into the retail space”.

“Established by a passionate team with over 50 years of combined games industry experience between them, Numskull Games is more than ‘just another new games publisher’,” stated  the official website. “We are partnering with game developers around the world to help bring innovative games to market worldwide on all major platforms.

“Thanks to the invaluable support of the creative minds and far-reaching infrastructure for distribution and manufacturing at Numskull Designs, we are something unique in the world of games publishing. The plan? Take great games beyond a simple digital launch by offering retail editions, supporting merchandise, grand community presence and more. We go above and beyond the core responsibilities of a videogame publisher. Your game deserves the best from a partner.”

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