Oculus says VR already has ‘real’ games

The accusation that VR games lack adequate depth is unfounded.

That’s according to Oculus executive producer David Yee, who told UploadVR that VR already has the sorts of experiences that many of the sector’s critics are calling for.

We want to hear from people that they’re not waiting for real games anymore,” he said. We feel like we’ve developed some real games here from real developers that are hours of experiences and not minute demos or little tech demos.”

Oculus recently welcomed Epic shooter Robo Recall onto its platform, and that joins the likes of Superhot VR and The Climb in a library of reasonably fleshed out titles. The same can be said of HTC Vive, where titles such as Arizona Sunshine and Serious Sam VR deviate from the ‘tech demo’ format so often thrown at current VR titles.

Of course, even shorter games can still very much be considered ‘full’ titles. As the old adage goes, ’30 seconds of fun over and over’ can still offer a very rewarding experience. Space Pirate Trainer may ‘only’ be a wave shooter, but it’s one that is so wonderfully executed that players continue to pump hours into the title.

The same too can be said of games such as Job Simulator, Raw Data and multiplayer shooter Onwards. A great core experience can be repeatedly enjoyed, even if it doesn’t offer the longevity of an RPG.

VR also offers fantastic non-game experiences such as Tilt Brush, Google Earth VR and Universe Sandbox, which for creative players can offer a potential lifetime of content.

Oculus also points to upcoming releases such as Lone Echo, From Other Suns, Wilson’s Heart and The Mage’s Tale and further evidence of VR’s maturity. Fallout 4 VR should also go a long way to help when it finally arrives.

However, while the perception persists that most VR titles are little more than glorified tech demos – and, to be fair, most of what is released each week can be rightly classified in this way – work must continue on fleshing out VR catalogues.

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