PC firm plans print on-site games

‘On-site publisher’ Tribeka is looking to expand its SoftWide on-the-spot manufacturing service to incorporate a wider library of PC titles – and potentially console titles as well.

The system allows retailers to print software onto disc ready for sale within minutes, and is already used for PC software at European retailers such as Carrefour in France and Germany’s PC Specialist.

We don’t change the way the retailer retails,” Tribeka’s COO Stephen Precious told MCV. We just enhance the process by enabling manufacturing in store.”

Tribeka is already partnered with GAME, which uses the technology in its distribution centre on over 600 products.

Microsoft and Tesco have recently secured deals to roll out SoftWide terminals into their stores, allowing customers to order software via touch screens and receive the finished product on the spot.

Now the firm is looking to expand this to incorporate a service for games retail and include console content.

Drawing on its experience from trials in Europe, Tribeka has already established ties with key publishers.

During our development test phase, we have released PC games from publishers such as Activision, Eidos, Take-Two and Ubisoft. We are now re-engaging with all the majors now that our channel is growing so fast,” said Precious.

We have the technology in place to deliver copy-protected PC games, which we have now started to deliver to our retail partners.

We even have plans to develop the SoftWide technology for console games as soon as we are in a position to engage with the three main platform holders.

We are also working with several other big players in the gaming market.

Games are on all their roadmaps for this technology and they are working with us to extend the range.”

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