PC games have overtaken console games globally..but not in the UK

The PC games sector may be dominant worldwide, but consoles are the real power in the UK and will remain so for years to come, says DFC Intelligence.

The analysts revealed last week that on a global scale, PC gaming revenue had overtaken the console market. But whilst that might be true across mainland Europe and emerging markets, home consoles are still king amongst Brits. In fact, the console space is worth over double that of the PC games market.

The statement is absolutely not true for the UK where console gaming is still dominant by a large margin. Console gaming is over twice as much revenue as PC gaming,” DFC boss David Cole told MCV.

Both PS4 and Xbox One remain in the early-stages of their life cycle, with consumers continuing to pick up the new machines as more games are released. And Cole says the gap between console and PC gaming in the UK is only going to widen.

In the next few years we will continue to see console gaming dominating in the UK and actually increasing that dominance.”

PC’s worldwide dominances is due to markets such as Russia and Hungary where demand for PC gaming massively outpaces consoles.

Furthermore, the cost-effective gaming caf culture in Asian markets like Taiwan has fuelled the figures behind digital PC titles such as League of Legends and Dota 2.

The PC is a fairly universal item that is used for work and education but also as a way to play all kinds of games, while console systems are a luxury item used mainly for entertainment,” added Cole.

Well to do markets like the UK and US can afford luxury items like video game console systems. However, much of the world can not afford such a luxury so the PC becomes the de facto game system.”

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