Arma 3 hits 1m copies sold, kart racing DLC launches

Military-themed shooter sequel Arma 3 has sold more than 1m copies since its initial release, developer Bohemia Interactive has announced.

To celebrate the milestone, the studio has released Arma 3 Karts. Originally teased as an April Fool’s joke, the $1.99 DLC expansion pack is available now on Steamfor the title.

Bohemia also detailed plans to continue supporting Arma 3 for years to come with a consistent string of DLC packs and expansions.

The game’s next major gameplay expansion is scheduled for late 2015, and several new mechanics, features and weapons have been promised in the meantime.

Arma 3 originally launched for PC in March of last year in as an Early Access title on Steam, and hit its official release later that year in September.

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