Batman: Arkham Knight patch arrives, goes… but offers big fixes

A patch for the troubled PC version of Batman: Arkham Asylum was temporarily released last night, and seemed to bring with it big fixes to the game.

Kotaku reports that those who had tinkered with the settings on the game’s listing in Steam to enable beta access last night received a patch that introduced several new graphics options and greatly smoothed the overall experience.

However, no sooner were gamers enjoying their rejuvenated title than another patch was rolled out, wiping away the changes. All of which suggests the early roll out was a mistake.

The good news, though, is that those who got some hands on time with the changes seemed extremely positive, with reports that some with beefy graphics cards are now able to run the game with everything maxed out at a silky-smooth, stutter-free 50-60fps.

Warner had previously indicated that the first of at least two big patches would be rolled out in August, although this later slipped to September.

This patch should offer a range of improvements including a reduction in stutter, optimised RAM and VRAM usage and a general improvement on all GPUs. A number of in-game options will be added, too, including 30/60/90fps compatibility, toggles for various visual effects such as motion blur, the re-introduction of the ‘high’ texture preset, adaptive v-sync and new texture filtering. The low resolution texture bug will also be fixed.

The PC version of the game was pulled from sale shortly after release. One, minor patch has already been made available.

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