Intel Developer Blog: A look at how porting your game to Android can bring renewed success

How you can enter the Android World of Goo

Are you addicted to World of Goo, or are you yet to discover that joy? It’s a puzzle game in which you help goo balls cross the terrain by building towers from goo. And it’s in The Guinness Book of World Records as the highest rated game by app users.

The game was created by 2D Boy, a couple of developers who hit gold when they decided to port the PC version onto various platforms including Android. As mobile and tablet devices become increasingly popular with gamers, developers need to get their games onto every platform and every device. More and more people expect to be able to play their favourite games on whatever device they have, or on all their devices. 

Take a look at how 2D Boy went from porting its game from PC to reach an untapped market on iOS devices, and then made World of Goo available on Intel Android x86, opening up even more opportunities to attract new players.

2D Boy used OpenGL dynamic textures to minimise the rendering work. Once the main shift from PC to mobile was done, moving it to Android was relatively easy. The team only had to make a few changes to compile the game for Intel devices.

If you fancy yourself as the next 2D boy, why not try porting your game to Android? It’s a really Goo-d idea.

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