Swery’s The Good Life arrives on crowd-funding platform Fig

Swery, the creator of Deadly Premonition and D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die and founder of new indie studio White Owls, has announced that his next game will be funded through crowd-funding platform Fig.

The Good Life, which Swery describes as a ‘debt repayment life simulation RPG’, is part murder mystery and part life sim (we’re thinking a more deadly version of Animal Crossing). It will tell the story of New York photographer Naomi, who travels to a sleepy British town called Rainy Woods – the ‘happiest place in the world’ – where all the residents inexplicably turn into cats during the night. Players will have to make friends, solve puzzles, take photos and become ’emotionally invested’ in the story in order to solve the town’s secrets and pay off Naomi’s debt.

At time of writing, the game has earned 10 per cent of its $1.5m goal. Of that figure, around $75k has been raised through Fig’s investments, and $83k through traditional crowd-funding pledges. For The Good Life, Fig has lowered the minimum investment amount to $100 per share.

As for platforms, Swery has said the game will launch first on PS4 and PC, but right now, the basic $29 tier will only guarantee backers a digital copy of the PC edition, according to the game’s Fig page.

A physical bundle of the game is also available for $269, but this only includes special physical items, rather than a physical copy of the game. Backers can also become a character in the town of Rainy Woods if they’re willing to part with $34,999.

A Nintendo Switch version may also be added at a later date through stretch goals if the game proves to be a hit with backers, but right now, the game is expected to be completed and shipped in Q3 2019.

Swery originally announced the formation of his new studio back in January. At the time, the studio’s first project was a complete mystery, but Swery said on the company’s website that his new studio would strive to make games that were "completely unique things that no one’s ever seen before."

To see the game in action, have a look at the trailer below:

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