PlayStation: Uncharted’s fanbase has never been bigger

Sony is investing more marketing money in Uncharted 4 than it has with any previous game.

Marketing manager Joe Palmer says that there has been an influx of PS4 owners that never owned a PS3 – which was the console the previous three Uncharted games were released on. Therefore the potential audience for Uncharted 4 is a lot higher.

Palmer also expects Uncharted 4, which arrives on Tuesday, May 10th, to encourage reluctant PS3 gamers to make the leap to the new machine.

This is PlayStation’s largest ever software investment and we have a plan to support it for the whole year,” Palmer said.

He added: The series is one of PlayStation’s biggest sellers. We have a huge existing fanbase who have already moved over to PS4, but lots of PS3 owners will also see this as the time to upgrade their console of choice.

We’ve been actively targeting an audience who are new to PlayStation this gen in our marketing, but retail have a huge part to play in growing the franchise too. Together, we’ve already achieved great success in converting this audience into fans with [2015 compilation] Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, so the fanbase is now far bigger than ever before.

The game was developed as a playable summer blockbuster film so we’re confident it will have significant mainsteam appeal.”

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