Pokémon dev: ‘Browser games not safe’

Pokemon’s creators say the browser games market is not safe enough for younger players.

Game Freak director Junichi Masuda – who produced Nintendo’s new chart-topping DS titles Pokmon Black and White – told MCV that the traditional boxed retail model presents a safer and more secure platform than online games.

When asked whether he is under pressure to change Pokmon’s boxed business model following the rise of social network and mobile gaming, he replied: I don’t feel pressured.

What I consider to be most important when releasing a video game is to ensure it reaches everybody and to make sure it can be enjoyed by players safely and securely.

For example, Facebook and MSN are mainly for adults, but what’s very important is that everyone can enjoy a Pokmon game without feeling any fear. So that’s what I think about whenever I produce a new video game.”

Masuda made the comments as Pokmon Black and White achieved sales of 1m units across Europe last week. The new DS titles became the fastest-selling in the series, and brought Europe’s total install base for Pokmon games up past 35m.

The series continues to be a huge global phenomenon, with new toys, cards and movies on the way.

Game Freak art director Ken Sugimori said: In Japan we are expecting movies in the summer so I’ve been working on these. Pokmon Black and White are huge in Japan right now so I’ve been drawing up new images for related merchandise and the trading card game.”

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