Battlefield Hardline slips to 2015; Dragon Age Inquisition pushed back a month

EA has taken the surprising step of pushing back its next Battlefield title from its traditional pre-Christmas release.

Battlefield Hardline will now release in early 2015” due to changes that will be implemented following feedback from the recent beta.

The more we thought about these ideas, the more we knew we had to get them into the game you will all be playing. However, there was only one problem. We would need more time,” DICE VP and GM Karl Magnus Troedsson said.

Time that we didn’t have if we decided to move forward with launching in just a couple of months. We decided that the right thing to do was to take more time to ensure Hardline is the best, most innovative Battlefield experience we can give to you, our fans.”

Troedsson also stressed the importance of making sure Hardline launches in a stable state – with the ghost of Battlefield 4’s horrific launch still looming large over the studio.

We’re going to be using the extra time to continue to optimize the game for a stable launch,” he added. We have learned a lot from Battlefield 4, are continuing to learn from our Community Test Environment and will learn more from another Hardline beta.

We are doing all of this for one reason. Because we want Battlefield Hardline to be the best game it can be, and so that we can create the best environment for a smooth launch for our players.”

Activision can likely not believe its luck.

EA has also confirmed the delay of Dragon Age Inquisition, although it’s a less severe one – around six weeks. The BioWare RPG will now arrive on November 21st in the UK.

While this extra few weeks may not seem like a lot, I know the game you’ll play will be all the better for it,” executive producer Mark Darrah explained.

I’m privileged to be a part of a team that has been working very hard to surpass every measure they’ve set for themselves. That has meant completing huge amounts of game content, fixing bugs both big and small, and improving the overall experience. This last bit of time is about polishing the experience we want you to see.”

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