Capcom ready to pounce on PC opportunity

With publisher support of boxed PC product dwindling, Japanese company Capcom has said that it intends to take full advantage of the gaps left in the market.

Taking a very global view, we have brands that are very appealing, but the platform of choice in many countries is not a current-gen console,” vice president of strategic planning Christian Svensson told Rock Paper Shotgun.

I’ll point to Russia, to Brazil, to emerging markets in the Middle East. India is an emerging market, even if it is a few years away from doing the kinds of things that we need. The PC is global, and it’s ubiquitous. And quite frankly, the more people who shy away from that platform, the bigger the opportunity.

It’s not easy, however. The PC has a lot of moving parts, there’s a lot more testing to be done, there’s a lot of considerations about how to even get to market. You need broad understanding. We know it’ll take a few years of development and investment before we’re where we want to be.”

Capcom also stated that it believes digital distribution is now more important to the PC market than boxed retail sales.

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