Former Free Radical studio also at work on original IP

Crytek UK ‘keen to get involved in education’

Speaking to Develop in a feature that looks over Crytek’s umbrella of six international studios Karl Hilton, manager at the firm’s UK operation, has revealed the developer is keen to move into the educational gaming sector.

“We are particularly keen to get involved with education in the UK and build up good communications and knowledge exchange with universities and colleges,” revealed Hilton. The prospective involvement of the former Free Radical team will add yet more credibility to the educational gaming movement, which has seen a return to favour in recent months.

Hilton also hinted at Crytek UK’s current project: "We are currently concepting up an original IP that we hope will become a defining game series for the UK studio.”

“However, in reality, the opportunity to make any kind of original FPS genre game where we get to focus on the quality of both the multiplayer and single player experience is what drives people at the studio. We have a strong history of creativity here, and we want to take that forward with Crytek and the CryENGINE 3," he added.

To read the full feature, which also details Crytek’s Korean, Hungarian, German, Black Sea and Ukrainian operations, click here.

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