Frank Gibeau’s PR quest continues: Today’s topic – is EA evil?

Summer 2012. Some will remember it for the rain. Others for remarkable sporting calendar. Us? We’ll remember it as The Summer of Frank.

When it comes to publicly chatty execs Frank has left all in his wake, providing journalists with daily updates of notable quotes and daring exploits.

Well, OK, it’s really more about the quotes. Perhaps exploits have been involved. We don’t know. Although Frank is quite clearly a man of action.

Is it possible that Frank last night felt he’d earned a night off? We certainly think so. But no, this is The Summer of Frank. And when Kotaku has hard hitting questions like is EA evil?” there’s only one man for the job.

"We discover the line as we build games, and we talk to our fans. And they tell us what the line is and sometimes we cross over it and we pull back. Which we’ve done a number of times. If you walk the halls of EA’s creative teams when people are building, there literally aren’t people with knives in their teeth with bandanas on thinking of ways of how to screw the customer. They actually are starting with the notion that they want to make something awesome. They want to make an epic experience."

Yeah Frank, you fucking tell ‘em.

He then moved on to EA owned studios, adding:

"There’s nobody in the central planning committee at Electronic Arts that rolls in the tank divisions [into our studios] when they get too independent or too risky or too thoughtful,” he explained.

And Moving onto THAT ending for Mass Effect 3, stated: "The truth is BioWare has developed as BioWare and that creative culture is owned by them.

"Did EA intervene and say, ‘Hey Casey [Casey Hudson, executive director], you’ve got a really interesting ending here, you’re probably going to cause some fans to get upset? No, we didn’t do that. Casey is an artist. He made a choice about the story that he wanted to tell as related toMass Effect 3. And we didn’t intervene.

"Does [Mass Effect 3‘s ending] mean you can never tell another story in theMass Effectuniverse? No. If Casey decides on a story that he wants to tell, guess what? He’s going to be able to step forward at EA and we’re going to back him with capital for him to be able to go build that experience and tell a new story in theMass Effectuniverse if that’s what he wants to do.

If he wants to do something different, a new IP, he’ll have our backing as well. He’s a profoundly talented guy. He’s got our confidence. And the audience loves him. So that’s how it really works."

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