GameAnalytics launches indie publishing initiative ‘Runway’

Industry analytics group GameAnalytics has launched a new indie-focused initiative to assist mobile developers in launching and promoting their games by providing data gathering and other resources.

Titled ‘Runway,’ the initiative will offer small teams the ability to soft launch a title in territories such as Canada, Ireland and Australia to gather crucial bits of data ahead of a full global release.

"The big hits on the App Store and Google Play don’t happen by accident," CEO of GameAnalytics Luke Aviet said. "Mobile’s major players use soft launches to hone and even cull their games ahead of any global release.

"They sharpen and refine the titles using the data they pool from these test runs to increase their chances of success when the app is scaled across the rest of the world."

Runway’s first games are nearly ready for soft launch, with GameAnalytics planning to reveal more info in the coming week.

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