Hardcore gamers "have issues" with EA Origin

EA admits core gamers have ‘issues’ with its download platform.

But the publisher hopes it can win over the sceptics by making Origin the ‘best download site’ it can be.

It follows EA’s new promotion that offers Kickstarter-funded games the opportunity to get listed on Origin for free.

The hardcore sometimes has issues with Origin, but they seem to love these crowd-funded games,” said Origin chief David DeMartini.It was one of the few things we have done that wasn’t controversial and nobody had anything negative to say.”

DeMartini admits that whenever EA does anything it creates a ‘certain reaction’ but insists the firm just wants to offer customers choice.

People forget that when Steam launched, there was a lot of backlash from the core,” DeMartini added.Origin represents a change, and anytime EA does something that is significant in the industry, it generates a certain amount of reaction.

Really it’s just to give customers an opportunity for choice.”

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