Harrison: We will struggle to meet Xbox One demand

Xbox One will sell out and there will be difficulty getting stock, admits Xbox VP Phil Harrison.

But, he added, the firm is doing everything it can to accelerate stock replenishment.

The Microsoft exec told MCV what comes next for the Xbox business now it has launched its new games console, and admitted the immediate challenge is the struggle it faces in meeting demand.

"Our job on a tactical level is to ensure we get enough supply to retailers and customers as we possibly can to meet demand, and that will be a struggle but we are doing our best," he told MCV.

"There will be difficulty getting stock through until Christmas but we will do everything we can to accelerate that. And then from a software point-of-view on our services, that are constantly upgrading, we will continue to innovate there. From a games and product point-of-view, we have a very strong line-up for the year ahead. So this is really just one day in the calendar and then tomorrow it is back to work. We have some big games to bring to market in the first quarter and beyond."

As it turned out, retailers had held back some stock for launch night on Xbox One. GAME, Tesco, Amazon and John Lewis all had additional stock, although all retailers expected them to sell-out.

You can read more from out interview with Phil Harrison later today and in next week’s edition of MCV Magazine.

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