Kinect tipped to outsell Move

A report by the International Data Corporation has pointed to a possible sales win for Xbox 360 Kinect over PS3 Move over the next six months.

PC World reports that the report estimates that the total install base for Kinect over the next six months amongst 25-44 year olds will be between 2.9m units and 4.1m. In contrast it predicts total sales of between 2.5m and 3.6m for Move.

Average those estimates out and that works out as 3.5 sales for Kinect and 3.05m for Move.

Two further studies reported by Tech Watch also point to a market advantage for Kinect, which won’t launch in the UK until November 10th.

Of course, Move has already enjoyed some success on the market. However, confusion remains over whether earlier reports of 1.5m sales in Europe and 1m sales in US were in fact shipped numbers as opposed to retail sell-through figures.

This morning Xbox’s general manager for the UK and Ireland Neil Thompson told MCV that the platform holder has a healthy” amount of stock ready for launch, but that it still expects a day one sell-out for the device.

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