Margin Makers: Guide to Resident Evil merchandise

Capcom’s Resident Evil VII: Biohazard is unquestionably the biggest game to launch this January.

The latest entry in the beloved survival-horror series will launch on January 24th and comes with a wealth of tie-in items. Merchoid has unveiled a brand new collection created by accessories brand Bioworld Europe, which comprises one hoodie, one sweater and six T-shirts. 

Merchoid’s community manager Jessica Adams commented: “The new Resident Evil game looks to be the most horrifying yet. We’re sure fans will want to welcome it in by picking up some incredible Resident Evil merchandise. Don’t worry though, the prices aren’t scary.”

However, all merchandise manufacturers actually want a slice of Resi’s cake, so there are a lot of other products available for Resident Evil fans to purchase, as well as two special editions, both of which are GAME exclusives in the UK.

For more on Resident Evil VII, you can check out our recap and predictions for the game and read more from Capcom’s associate brand manager Stefano Barolo about the title’s marketing campaign in this week’s MCV.

Resident Evil: Gas Mask Sweater

This jumper is part of Merchoid’s new official Resident Evil VII collection, which is due to ship on January 20th, just in time to have a new outfit to celebrate the release of the game on January 24th. It’s already available to pre-order. 

SRP: £32.99

Manufacturer: Bioworld Europe

Distributor: Merchoid

Contact: 0800 652 5140

‘Blood, Sweat and Fears’ 4D VR candle

This is probably the most unusual tie-in item ever. This ‘4D VR candle’ allows gamers to actually experience the smell of Resident Evil VII’s Baker mansion while playing in VR. According to the merchant’s website, the candle has “notes of old timber, leather (and maybe some blood)” and will last long enough for a complete playthrough of the game.

SRP: £14.99

Manufacturer: Numskull

Distributor: Rubber Road

Contact: 01707 800 881

Resident Evil VII Key Art Maxi poster

This 61 x 91.5 cm poster is printed on high quality paper so fans can see all the details of Resident Evil VII’s creepy mansion setting. 

SRP: £4.99

Manufacturer: GB Eye

Distributor: GB Eye


Resident Evil VII Logo T-Shirt

Here’s one of the six T-shirts Bioworld Europe created for Merchoid’s new Resident Evil VII collection.

SRP: £17.99

Manufacturer: Bioworld Europe

Distributor: Merchoid

Contact: 0800 652 5140

Resident Evil: Umbrella Co. Hoodie

The evil Umbrella Corporation is inseparable from the franchise, which is why Bioworld included this design in Merchoid’s new range. And by the way, if you look very carefully while playing Resident Evil VII’s demo, you can apparently see Umbrella’s logo at one point.  

SRP: £39.99

Manufacturer: Bioworld Europe   

Distributor: Merchoid

Contact: 0800 652 5140

Resident Evil 20th Anniversary poster by Jango Snow

Resident Evil VII will see the return of medicinal herbs, which is a good enough reason to buy this lovely poster, created especially for the series’ 20th anniversary last year, in limited edition.

SRP: $50 (£40)

Manufacturer: Iam8bit

Distributor: Iam8bit


Resident Evil POP! Games Vinyl Figures

Funko announced a new Resident Evil range, due to ship at a later point this January. Five characters from Capcom’s franchise will be available as vinyl figures: Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, and popular enemies the Licker, Nemesis and Tyrant. They’re all available to pre-order now. 

SRP: £10.99

Manufacturer: Funko

Distributor: Heo UK  


Collector’s Edition

Exclusive to GAME, this collector’s edition doesn’t actually come with a copy of the game, but will give fans plenty of tie-in items to enjoy, including a mansion replica, a USB finger (so that’s what it’s for…), five lithographs and a 20th anniversary artbook.

SRP: £99.99   

Manufacturer: Capcom

Distributor: GAME   

Contact: 020 8827 0099

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