MICROSOFT: Kinect Sports Rivals available at Xbox One launch

Rare’s best-selling sporting mini-game collection will return when Xbox One launches this November.

Announced in an E3 2013 pre-show trailer before tonight’s Microsoft press conference, Kinect Sports Rivals has been confirmed as one of the next generation console’s launch games, according to Polygon.

Rivals will include six new mini-games based on soccer, tennis, bowling, rock-climbing, jetski racing, and target shooting, all of which will be controlled with the Xbox One’s improved version of Kinect.

Expect online and local multiplayer to play a big part in the game as well – it’s unlikely ‘Rivals’ is in the title by accident.

Oddly, Kinect Sports Rivals wasn’t shown during the Microsoft press conference, but no doubt it’ll be on the E3 show floor in some form this week.

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