Microsoft unlikely to budge on ID@Xbox launch parity requirement

While Microsoft is enjoying great success with its renewed Xbox One indie focus, the chances of its parity policy being rescinded look slim.

Although there have been examples of flexibility, Microsoft still requires that indie games published on Xbox Live release at the same time or before they launch on rival systems.

It’s a sticky issue and one that Sony’s developer relations boss Adam Boyes has openly mocked. But when asked how he reacted to Sony’s tweet, Xbox corporate VP Phil Harrison told Edge: I laughed.

Taking aside competitive positioning and all of that, the winners in all of this are game players. There are more games coming out for these platforms, there are more developers creating for these platforms, there are more fresh minds coming into our industry than any time in recent memory. And that’s so, so important to the future of our industry.”

It’s difficult to debate these kind of commercial relationships in a media interview so you’ll forgive me for not going into the details. What I would say is that everybody in our program, whether it’s a developer or people on the platform side working with [ID@Xbox boss Chris Charla] is committed to making sure the best games are on Xbox One.

That’s our job, basically, if you boil it all down to the essence of what a game platform is, it’s to make sure that the biggest, best, most exciting, most creative games are on your platform and we are working super hard to make that happen.”

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