Tablet PCs will conquer the market, says Crytek CEO

Next-generation consoles ‘will be the last’

The next-generation of home consoles will be the last, the CEO of Crytek has claimed.

Speaking to German site Golem, Cevat Yerli said that tablet PCs would conquer the market as the market for hardcore gaming consumers gets “high in the minority”.

He added that he believed that customers are more interested in short burst games, with the quality of console no longer being a key factor for demand.

“The console will displace the PC, you hear it again and again,” said Yerli.

“On the contrary: I suspect that will be the next-generation home console, the last one.

“Of course there are still hardcore gamers who sit for an hour to install and then play for eight hours. But these consumers are getting high in the minority.”

“Today’s gamers buy a game for 99 cents, down load it and play it 15 to 20 minutes per day over a period of two months – and then they go on. Because the market changed, the quality of the console is no longer so much in demand."

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