Matt Booty confirms independent developers cannot publish content themselves

No self-publishing for indies on Xbox One

The Xbox One will not allow indies to self-publish their games, it has been claimed.

As reported by Shacknews, Redmond Game Studios and Platforms general manager Matt Booty has said that, at least for now, indies will not be able to publish content themselves.

The news comes on the back of Microsoft’s decision to abolish the Xbox Live Arcade and indie game sections on the Xbox One marketplace, in favour of a new, unified store.

“As as of right now, yes," he said, referring to the need for a publisher.

"We intend to continue to court developers in the ways that we have.”

The comments were also verified by Penny Arcade’s Ben Kuchera, who also tweeted that Booty had claimed there would be no self-publishing on the console for indies.

Microsoft’s move to require publishers is in stark contrast to Sony’s tactics with the PS4, where the electronics giant has promised to allow self-publishing for indies on its own marketplace, as it currently does with the PSN.

Sony also recently revealed that it would be opening up a new indie section on the PlayStation Store designed to help offer developers additional exposure. It said the section would be “constantly refreshed” with new releases and promoted games, and would be the first and best place for users to go to for indie content.

“I’m delighted that the indie devs have really taken advantage of how open PlayStation is to this tremendous mix of designs and ideas, and that we’re happy to work with everything from traditional buy-and-play games, to free-to-play,” he said.

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