Now King targets The Banner Saga with trademark claim

Candy Crush Saga maker King is now targeting the maker of a recently released indie strategy game on Steam.

It was revealed yesterday that the company is trying to trademark the word ‘candy’ for use in the video games market. Now it appears that it is also trying to protect other words associated with its IP – in this instance specifically ‘saga’.

A Notice of Opposition reveals that King is contesting Stoic’s attempt to trademark the name of its game The Banner Saga. King argues that as 13 of its titles use the word ‘saga’. Stoic should not be granted the trademark.

Note that King is not suing Stoic or attempting to win money – it simply wants to stop the developer claiming a legal right to the name of its game.

Regardless, it makes the company’s assertions that it will not be heavy-handed with its trademark claims a little tougher to stomach.

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