Pokemon Uranium introduces more than 150 new monsters, three player characters, online battling and trading, and the new Tandor region

Pokémon fan game released on PC after almost a decade of development

An ambitious fan-made Pokémon game for PC has been launched online after more than nine years of development.

Pokémon Uranium was created by a passionate group of fans using RPG Maker XP and takes place in the brand new Tandor region.

Including a full-length narrative that sees the player character – one of three heroes, who can be male, female or gender-neutral – gather eight gym badges, Uranium also features over 150 new pocket monsters, the Nuclear-type variation of creatures, support for online battles and trades, a Pokémon speech translator and a number of new moves and abilities.

The game runs without the need for an emulator, and a 1.0.1 patch has already been issued.

While Pokémon Uranium has seemingly avoided the takedown requests so many of its fellow fan-made spin-offs have fallen prey to, it remains to be seen whether Nintendo and The Pokémon Company pursue the title following its full release.

The game’s own wiki insists: “This wiki and game are derivative works made for fun. We do not seek to earn a profit off other people’s intellectual property, we just love this series and are making this game as a tribute to it.”

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