Soedesco: Bringing the game back to farm sims

Soedesco wants to shake up the farm sim genre with its brand-new IP, Real Farm Sim, which launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC in Q4 later this year.

Speaking with MCV, executive manager Hans van Brakel said: "There are many things we are focusing on with Real Farm Sim – the farming, the machinery, the real time economy, and much more. The genre isn’t called simulation for nothing.

"But what we wanted to do is bring the ‘game’ part back to the simulation. There is still a ‘free mode’ for the simulation fans, but there will also be a ‘career mode’ where you start with nothing and build yourself up to become a successful farmer."

The game will make full use of Microsoft’s Xbox One X and Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro, van Brakel told us, thanks to its native 4K support, and the publisher will also be bringing the title to retail.

"The physical market for sim games is very strong, and the first forecasts we have seen come in are very good," said van Brakel. "Farming simulators are popular in many markets all over the world. The good thing about working with local partners is that we are capable of helping out each market in their own way.

"We are also talking with simulator fans all over the world to see what they want to see most in a farming simulator. We are making the game for them, so it’s very important to talk with them about what they want."

Real Farm Sim is Soedesco’s third original IP, showing a marked departure from the other games in its in-house roster. "As a company you need to take a look to where there is demand in the market," said van Brakel. "Now we’re diving into a genre that’s very popular even though there are only a few games within it. This gives us the chance to do things differently."

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