SONY: Sorcery announced

Sony has announced Sorcery, a new third-person fantasy adventure that uses the Move motion controller.

Developed by the workshop, the game was demonstrated during Sony’s E3 press conference and puts players in the role of a Harry Potter-style sorcerer’s apprentice.

Sorcery boasts full one-to-one control, with the player on screen mirroring the position and movements of the player.

Sony’s Peter Dille: Move offers new level of precision that won’t just appeal to casual gaming fans but also to hardcore gamers too. The industry’s best developers have said that the feedback they get from the controller is exactly what they need, freeing them up to spend time developing fun games.”

In Sorcery, players simply flick at the screen to cast simple attack spells. The power and direction of the spell depends on that of the gamers’ movements.

Other Move features include lifting the controller to the player’s mouth to drink a transformation spell, or using it to cast more complex spells – for example, circling it above their head to summon a whirlwind.

Sorcery is due for release in spring 2011

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