Unreal livestream aims to demystify copyright law (7pm GMT 11th January)

After announcing an imminent audit of the Unreal Engine Marketplace, engine developer Epic is devoting one of its weekly livestreams to ‘demystifying copyright and trademark for developers’. Taking place tonight (Thursday 11th January) at 7pm GMT, the stream will see legal counsel Canon Pence talk through everything developers need to know (and avoid) when it comes to protecting and infringing on IP copyright.

This is a great opportunity for indie developers to learn the basics while being talked through hypothetical scenarios that they could face, along with an opportunity to ask specific questions and receive free legal advice. This all comes as a reaction to a large number of copyright infringing assets being made available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

The upcoming audit, which will take place over the course of a few weeks, will seek to remove content to which the creator does not have the IP rights. Prevention is better than cure, though, and so free education on what is and isn’t allowed will allow Marketplace moderation resources to focus on harmful or offensive content, and save developers some potentially costly legal wranglings. Might be worth checking out, just in case.

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