Pyrodactyl’s Unrest gets new teaser trailer

Pyrodactyl has released a new tease trailer for its crowd-funded adventure role-playing game, Unrest.

Unrest is based in and around the fictional city of Bhimra, which finds itself in turmoil amid a leadership change after the assassination of the ruling royal family.

The game focuses heavily on narrative and conversation, with branching storylines that adapt to player decisions.

Unrest met its Kickstarter funding goal within 24 hours. At the time of writing, the game has received over $36,000 in funding; 12 times the $3,000 Pyrodactyl had initially sought.

The additional funding has allowed the developers to grow the game world, add more content, overhaul the game’s art style, and introduce a fifth character.

Pyrodactyl is headed by Jaipur-based Arvind Raja Yadav, with the rest of the Unrest team spread across Europe and America.

No release date has been set for Unrest, but the game is expected to launch this year.

Here’s the new trailer.

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