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The latest issue of MCV/DEVELOP is out now – you can read it for free here.

This month we launch DEVELOP/JOBS. The idea is to feature a wide selection of great studios from around the industry and provide them a stage in which to showcase their best side to those looking for a new challenge. We’ll have more to say on this soon, but the key idea is to let you hear the voices of those who already work at these studios, so you can see if their experiences chime with your own ambitions. If they do then please get in touch with them and do mention us when you do!

Improbable’s mission of bringing massive scale to multiplayer games remains the same, but it’s now tempered by experience and a breadth of services. We talk to CEO Herman Narula about its recent 2,000 player event and how it’s grown to a multi-service provider with 950 staff.

For their debut game, Darewise is going beyond early access to embrace open development. MCV/DEVELOP looks at the opportunities and challenges presented by being as transparent as possible with your nascent community

With 60m plus users, Adopt Me! is the gaming titan you might not have heard of. Now the team behind the Roblox smash hit is taking on a new identity as Uplift Games, a globally-distributed mix of Roblox natives and industry veterans, all set to help define the metaverse

Want to claim up to £200,000 of DCMS’ £7m Global Screen Fund for your game? We talk to the BFI and more about the new pilot fund and how to go about making an application.

Yooka-Laylee creators Playtonic are looking to leverage their decades of experience to help their fellow developers bring their games to market. We find out more about the company’s new publishing division, Playtonic Friends.

The 30 per cent revenue cut has become the conversation of the season. How much of a burden is it on game creators, and are we likely to see a substantial shift away from it? We reach out to industry experts to find out more.

Just saying ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ brings to mind an avalanche of genre-defining fantasy art. So with Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance coming to consoles and PC this month, we reached out to Tuque Games art director Stefan LeBlanc to discuss his interpretation of the classic Forgotten Realms setting

Also, talk to Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou, to get a better look at the creepy and wonderful world of Röki – The twice-BAFTA nominated debut game from Polygon Treehouse.

Plus there’s our recent industry hires and moves, development regulars and our Final Boss, who this month is Payload Studios’ Russ Clarke.

The latest digital edition can be read here for free (and is embedded below) and here are the full contents of this month’s issue:


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