Red Ash gets yet another crowdfunding campaign

The team behind Mega Man Legends successor Red Ash is asking punters to hand over yet more money, this time to fund an extension to the anime.

Kotaku reports that Studio 4C, which is making an anime to accompany the launch of Red Ash, is using its own website to try and raise an additional $127k, despite it having already been successfully funded on Kickstarter to the tune of $163k.

The additional funds will bump its running time from 12 minutes to 30 minutes.

Red Ash and developer Comcept raised eyebrows last month when it announced that Fuze had been appointed as the game’s publisher, bankrolling its release and rendering its Kickstarter meaningless. The crowdfunding campaign went on to close nearly $300k short of its $800k target.

Comcept also recently delayed Mighty No.9 to 2016, despite the fact it was successfully crowdfunded way back in 2013.

The goings on have drawn criticism from some onlookers, with Kotaku and Game Informer in particular harbouring some pretty serious suspicions about how Comcept chose to announce the game’s delay.

Specifically, rumours about a slip to 2016 had been doing the rounds long before the official confirmation – which, incidentally, spears to have been held back until the conclusion of the Red Ask Kickstarter.

Additionally, conflicting messages from producer Nick Yu seem to suggest that while the community was being told that the game’s release date was on track, retailers were being told a different – and as it later transpired, correct – story.

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