Cage wants to take Heavy Rain online

Those of you yearning for a sequel to Sony’s successful Heavy Rain are in for some good and bad news.

The bad news? That a fully-fledged sequel to the game doesn’t seem to be on the cards. The good news? The game’s creator wants to take the achievements of Heavy Rain and try and apply them to the online universe.

And there are also many interesting changes awaiting us regarding the online space, so this is something we are going to explore in the very near future,” Cage told IndustryGamers.

We have definitely discovered something with Heavy Rain, and the market has responded very positively to it, so we want to continue to investigate what it takes to create experiences based on interactive storytelling and emotions for an adult audience

For me, Heavy Rain is really the end of a cycle that I started 12 years ago with Omikron: The Nomad Soul, Fahrenheit and then Heavy Rain. So now I want to write more personal stories and maybe stories that have not been told before, because I now understand the grammar and how to use the words in the new language of interactive storytelling. I want to go further.”

And in much the same way that Heavy Rain was happy to throw convention out of the window, Cage adds that his online project is likely to be just as experimental.

With each project I try to answer one of several questions. And my goal is that by the end of the project I got my answers. So the question you ask is the next one for me, and I’m going to work on it. But you know, I’m not going to do online like World of Warcraft. I think Heavy Rain is really an important moment for Quantic Dream definitely and maybe other people in the industry. So we’ll try to bring to multiplayer experiences the same change that Heavy Rain was to single-player.”

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