European Commission: Our ‘Digital Single Market’ will strengthen the industry

The European Commission insists that its proposed Digital Single Market will open up the whole of Europe for games retailers.

Among the proposals is a plan to end regional pricing, with online outlets such as Steam, the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live forced to maintain game prices across all countries in the EU. Retailers would also not be able to limit services to certain regions.

The EC insisted that the move will free, rather than restrict, digital retailers, and ultimately help the market to strengthen its presence.

The Digital Single Market initiative seeks to provide an unfettered European market for digital goods and services across all its 28 member states,” the EC told MCV.

Simplified and modern rules for online and digital cross-border purchases will encourage more businesses to sell online across borders and further develop digital markets such as games.”

Dave Clark (pictured), head of marketing at indie games label Kiss, was supportive of the proposals.

"All companies – not just those selling digital video games – are finding their business models being turned upside by the digital tsunami that is passing over them," he said.

"To suggest to the consumer that the cost of selling a digital product or a physical product sold via a digital outlet can vary from country to country is becoming ever more difficult to justify. Businesses suggesting otherwise are simply adopting the King Canute approach.

The proposal from the EC that there can only be one price for a digital product across all 28 countries is only speeding up the inevitable.As such, the Digital Single Market is good for the consumer, which can only be good for business.”

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