HMV’s LA Noire offer – on or off?

At the time of writing MCV is unable to confirm whether or not HMV is to press ahead with plans to offer LA Noire for just 4.99 to anyone who trades in a copy of Brink.

The offer was advertised in stores throughout the weekend, appeared in at least one national paper this morning and can still be found on HMV’s website (UPDATE – this has now been removed).

Despite this, HMV has categorically told MCV that the offer was a "mis-communication". It was unable to confirm the reasons for the change of heart.

However, one publishing source has told MCV that the retailer, having at one stage claimed the deal was off, is now saying that it’s back on.

MCV has not been able to corroborate this, though at least one store has told us by phone just moments ago that the offer remains in place.

In a further layer of complication, a senior retail source has told MCV that Take-Two has told retail that it will withdraw marketing support for any activity that advertises LA Noire alongside a pre-owned discount.

As publishers fund major in-store marketing pushes this is at least strategically feasible, though off the record sources have strongly denied any such activity.

Take-Two declined to comment on the situation.

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