HOLLAND: Nedgame shuns PSPgo

Leading Netherlands-based retailer Nedgame is currently carrying a detailed explanation on the front page of its site explaining the many reasons why it won’t be stocking Sony’s new PSPgo – and imploring customers to shun it too.

The main reasons cited include the €80 price difference, the inflexible price of downloaded titles, the loss of trade-in opportunities for used software and the inability to import titles form other regions.

We hope you understand our decision,” the site reads, according to a Google translation. Most gamers will still want a box and booklet with their game or at least the choice between a physical product and a download.

With the PSPgo, Sony cuts the consumer choice and thus creates a monopoly on PSPgo game sales. We see this is a very bad development for both the consumer and the retailer.”

Nedgame adds, however, that it will continue to support the existing PSP 3000.

Despite the fact that the PSPgo doesn’t include the capacity to play boxed UMD product, so far no UK retailers have indicated similar intentions. Sony has also hinted at the possibility of points cards that can be bought in-store and redeemed at home for downloadable titles.

Eurogamer Holland has also claimed that Nedgame is not the only Dutch retailer to say that it will not be stocking the PSPgo, with Eurogamer Spain hinting that the same may be true in that neck of the woods.

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